April Adventure Calendar

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*only applicable for the month of April

Want to know what fun, outdoor-themed holidays are in the month of April? Aside from the well-known “Earth Day,” there are actually quite a few.

We’ve put together some challenges for you to complete to help liven up the dreary, winter season. Some of them relate to the holidays scattered throughout the month, while others are more season-specific. Compete with your friends, your kids, your spouse, or team up to check off as many boxes as you can.

But first, here’s a list of the most notable holidays in April:

  • April 3: National Walking Day
  • April 10: National Farm Animals Day
  • April 20: National Park Week Kickoff
  • April 22: Earth Day
  • April 23: National Picnic Day
  • April 26: Arbor Day
Adventure Calendar - April

April Adventure Challenges

New to our adventure series? This is where you’ll find a list of challenges that we’ve developed to help you stay active and have fun throughout the month. Earn points by completing challenges, and do your best to reach 30 points – one for each day of the month.

Don’t forget to take photos of your time outside. If you reach 30 points for the month, send us some photo evidence and we’ll reward you with a password to unlock exclusive content, along with a 15% off discount code at the Untamed Space store!

(We’ll need one photo for each completed activity. Feel free to send them to [email protected] – submissions need to be sent within a week after the end of the relevant month.)

  Camping - 20pts (number of nights doesn't matter)
  Go on a Picnic - 6pts (gain an extra 3pts if you do it on April 23)
  Rock Climbing - 6pts (for each day you climb)
  Hiking - 4pts (for each day you hike)
  Bike Riding - 4pts (for each day you bike)
  Gardening - 4pts (gain an extra 3pts if you do it on April 14)
  Go for a Walk - 2pts (gain an extra 2pts if you do it on April 3)
  Bird Watching - 2pts
  Go Kayaking - 2pts
  Climb a Tree - 2pts
  Practice Outdoor Archery - 2pts
  Build a Bonfire - 2pts
  Go Stargazing - 2pts
  Fly a Kite - 2pts
  Visit a Botanical Garden - 2pts
  Go Forest Bathing - 2pts