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If you’re in a rush and want to find out what the best 2 person tent is, I recommend the Nemo Dagger 2 as the best one.

So you’re planning an overnight excursion in the great outdoors and need a place to spend the night.


As much as I’d like to suggest curling up under the stars with a litter of wolf pups, sadly this isn’t the Jungle Book, and you aren’t a little boy who can talk to animals.

If you’re looking for a tent for 2 (or something a little bigger just for you!) keep reading to find out what we believe are some of the best 2 person tents on the market.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the following 2 person tents:

What Features to Look For


 tent on a plain overlooking the sunset

Before you start your journey to find the perfect tent, it’s important to ask yourself a very critical question: How many people does my tent need to fit?

While I don’t mean to sound like Captain Obvious (you are reading a review on two person tents, after all), many people don’t realize how vital the answer to this question is.

The great thing about tent manufacturers is that they know you’ll probably be carrying your tent with you for endless miles. This means that they’re trying to make them light, which is great for you! It won’t be the same as a feather-light bivy sack, but 2 person tents can be surprisingly effortless to carry.

But more on that later.

Because tents are meant to be lighter, they’re made to be smaller. When they’re made to be smaller, they house their occupants (aka, you) a lot more snugly. This can be great if you’re camping in colder temperatures and looking to share body heat with your partner. But…maybe not so great if you like your personal space. Most two person tents land in the range of 30-35 square feet. If that sounds like a lot, keep in mind that it’s about 4.5 feet wide and 7 feet long. You might not be able to fit a queen size camping cot in one of these, but if it’s just you filling the space, it will feel quite roomy.

For some folks, 2 person tents are actually too big, especially if they’re counting ounces for solo backpacking trip. In the event you resonate with this, you’ll probably want to look into a one person tent, instead of continuing on with this review.


Another key factor to consider when buying any tent is the weight. This won’t be a big deal if you’re driving to a campground and pitching your tent within half a mile of your car, or if you don’t plan on moving around a lot. But if you’re going to be trekking any substantial distance, you’ll realize very quickly that every ounce counts.

You can expect most two person tents to be roughly 5 pounds, which isn’t terrible by any means. And if you have a good backpacking partner, they may offer to carry half of that weight!


tent by a lake

The last thing you want happening while out in the wilderness is a tent malfunction. Finding something that’s both durable and convenient is a must, and there are a few key factors to take into account when making this decision.

The first area to look at are the poles. Do you want aluminum or fiberglass? Are the sections linked together with an elastic shock cord for easy assembly? I prefer aluminum poles because of how light and sturdy they are, but fiberglass is a good alternative if you’re looking for something cheaper. Just make sure you aren’t planning any winter camping trips with fiberglass poles, as the cold weather can cause them to splinter.

Also research your tent’s rain fly, which is like an umbrella for your tent. If you’re camping during the popular summer months, it’s important to stay protected against any popup thunderstorms that might threaten to soak you overnight.

Along with this, keep in mind that no tent is completely waterproof. Most, if not all, are water resistant, but that’s not to say you won’t get a little damp if you fail to set your tent up properly. It’s always a good idea to use tarps and footprints to keep water out. You should also check to see if there are any places on the roof of your tent where water might pool. If you keep everything nice and taut, the water will roll right off, and you won’t have to worry about waking up in a puddle.

Good ventilation should also be at the top of your list, especially if you’re camping during the hotter months. The extra airflow will keep you from cooking – just make sure there’s a good mesh liner to keep those bugs out!

Finally, it’s always a bonus when your tent comes with a convenient carrying bag. You’ll be happy to have it when you’re breaking camp in the morning, and don’t have to worry about forgetting any key components.

2 Person Tent Reviews

The North Face Stormbreak 2 Tent

And you thought North Face only made coats! Their Stormbreak tent is well designed, keeping to the standard of quality they maintain all their other products. With its two door, multipurpose vestibules, it’s easy to stash your gear out of the way when you’re not using it. There’s plenty of mesh for airflow, not to mention those double doors opening up for a cross breeze.

This tent has an easy setup, as the entire process can be done by yourself in about 5 minutes without too much difficulty. It also has a surprising amount of headroom, for a 2 person tent, and it’s long enough to stretch out comfortably during the night with room to spare.

The tent’s most impressive features, however, are its resistance to wind and rain. With a 3,000 mm polyurethane coating, you’ll stay nice and dry even in the middle of a downpour. You will want to purchase a footprint for those rainy nights, though, as one is not included with the tent.


– High-low ventilation system for airflow
– Holds up well against the elements
– Plenty of pockets for storage
– Very affordable
– Roomy vestibules for gear storage


– Doesn’t come with a footprint
– A little on the heavy side

Moon Lence Camping tent

How would you feel if I told you there was a 2 person tent that actually fit 2 adults, but was still lightweight enough to carry with you anywhere? You’d probably think I was pulling your leg.

Well, Moon Lence did just that with their 2 person backpacking tent. At just over 5 pounds, it’s not “ultralight” by any means, but is still comfortable enough to bring wherever you might be setting up camp for the night. With two aluminum shock cord poles, not only is the tent durable in extreme weather, but it’s also easy to put together.

Another bonus is how water resistant the material is, even if it seems like the rain will never let up. With 11 alloy pegs and 4 guy ropes, you don’t need to worry about blowing away in strong wind gusts either. The large sections of mesh provide excellent ventilation, and getting in and out is easy to do with the D doors on either side of the tent.

Worried about the harmful radiation from the sun wearing your tent out faster? Don’t be. In addition to everything else, the tent material is UV resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the fabric losing its luster or waterproof coating.


– Weather resistant
– Easy setup
– D doors for easy entry and exit
– UV protection
– Good ventilation


– No footprint
– A little difficult to pack back up

Nemo Dagger 2 tent

Though on the expensive side, you certainly get what you pay for with Nemo’s Dagger tent. Weighing in at just over 3 pounds, it’s extremely light for a freestanding tent. But if you’re still worried about the extra pounds in your pack, the Dagger’s unique dual-stage stuff sack allows you to split the weight between you and a partner.

With plenty of space for two (something that can’t be said about all 2 person tents), you’ll have no problem staying comfortable at night. The mesh side walls offer ample ventilation and temperature control. And if it happens to be storming, there are protected strut vents at the top of each zipper flap.

If you’re a solo camper, don’t worry. This tent is light enough for you to carry on your own, and shouldn’t take you longer than 2 minutes to set up!

If anything ever breaks, rips or tears, Nemo does offer a lifetime warranty on this product so that you can feel confident using it aggressively. All you have to do is provide proof of purchase, and Nemo’s got you covered.


– Freestanding
– 42 inch peak height for ample headroom
– Good for extreme weather
– Plenty of ventilation
– Can comfortably fit 2 people
– Easy to pitch
– Large vestibules


– Price
– Zippers can snag easily

Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2 Tent

Nothing says “svelte” quite like the Tiger Wall UL2 tent by Big Agnes. Sleek, elegant, and roomy, it’s the ultimate fair weather tent. You’ll have no trouble fitting yourself and your partner inside, if you don’t mind a snug fit. Otherwise, this ultralight tent is great for solo adventurers who are looking to get away from everything.

While not the most durable tent on the market, it will take care of you as long as you take care of it. If you’re constantly pitching it on jagged rocks, you might find that the material will start to form tiny tears.

What it lacks in durability, it more than makes up for in storage. With an oversized ceiling pocket, and plenty of other nooks and loops, you won’t run out of places to keep your gear out of the way and organized.

The single pole architecture also makes it ideal for campers who will be pitching their tent by themselves. Simple but effective, you should have no trouble getting your tent ready for the night.


– Ultralight and sturdy
– Plenty of storage space
– Large rainfly
– Ample room between your feet and the tent wall
– Dry entry door design


– Not ideal for extreme weather
– Thin material tears easily

Clostnature Lightweight 2 person tent

Finally, it’s time to finish this list off with a bang. That is to say, if you’re worried about the weather booming and banging while you’re trying to sleep, this is the tent you’ll want to be in.

Clostnature developed a true tank – with a PU 5000 coating, this tent is about as waterproof as you can get. It’s also one of the few tents that claims to prevent condensation build up and actually follows through on this promise. If, for some reason, the tent breaks or malfunctions, it comes with a lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about replacing anything.

With 2 D doors and a vestibule on each side, you won’t have trouble getting in or out of the tent or wonder where you’ll have to store your gear. The entire inner wall is mesh, so ventilation won’t be an issue. If it starts to rain, just toss on the rainfly and open up the two vents on top to keep air moving through.

The tent is light enough to carry with you and packs away well. You won’t have any trouble fitting it inside your backpack, making it ideal for long treks.


– Durable
– Very waterproof
– Good for all seasons
– Large D doors for easy entry
– Sustainably made
– Lifetime warranty


– Small interior pockets
– Stitching quality is hit or miss

The Winner

When it comes to the best 2 person tent on the market, it’s hard to pick a favorite. It really comes down to what you’re looking for in a tent, and that varies by person.

Still, the tent that took the cake for us was the Nemo Dagger 2. Large, freestanding, and light, Nemo outdid themselves in making a tent that covers all the bases. You’ll never have to worry about having enough room to fit you and your partner, and condensation is a thing of the past. You’ll have no trouble regulating the internal temperature, and picking it up is like holding a feather.

Whatever your camping plans look like, this tent has got your back, making it the perfect pick for anyone shopping for a new 2 person tent.

2 person tents too small for you? Check out our 3 person tent review!

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