Best 3 Person Tents for a Great Time Outdoors

If you’re in a hurry and want to find out what the best 3 person tent is, we recommend the Sea to Summit Telos TR3 tent.

One of the keys to camping is finding a tent with the right weight and functionality. Whether you and a buddy need a little extra room to stash your gear, you’re trying to fit the most bodies for the least amount of weight, or, frankly, you just want the whole thing to yourself, finding the best 3 person tent is critical.

Luckily for you, we’ve done all the legwork to make a list of some of our favorites.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the following 3 person tents:

Items to Consider


man lying in a tent in the winter

Camping in the summer is very different from camping in the winter. If you don’t believe me, try using a three season tent during the winter!

Knowing what time of the year you’re camping will make it obvious whether you need a 3 season or 4 season tent. But so will determining where you’re camping. If you’re trekking high in the mountains during spring or fall, you might find yourself wishing you had the extra insulation of a 4 season tent when the temperature plummets after sunset. 


Finding a tent with the right amount of space can be tricky. Sometimes a 2 person tent is just too small, so you go up to a 4 person tent and find it’s too big (and probably too heavy). 3 person camping tents are harder to come by than their even numbered counterparts, so you might be wondering if you’re making the right decision. To help make the process easier, here are a few things to consider before making a purchase.

How many people are you trying to fit? You might think that you need a 3 person tent because there will be 3 people sleeping there. While that might be true, it’s possible you need something bigger. If a 3 man tent doesn’t do the trick for you, consider moving up a half size to a 3+ person tent.

Are your companions large? In a tight fitting space, it’s an important question to ask. If the answer to this question is “yes,” it might be more of a squeeze than you thought. 

Is anyone claustrophobic? Especially for new campers who aren’t used to the confines of a tent, double check to see if anyone in your group will have a hard time lying shoulder to shoulder with other party members.

Are you bringing a small child or dog? If you are, keep in mind that they’ll probably need more space than your average adult.

If you’re a party of 3 and answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to consider purchasing a 4 person tent instead. However, if you don’t mind the snug fit, and want something a little lighter and cheaper, a 3 person tent should work just fine. 

For solo trekkers, you might find this size to be a little heavier than you’d like, but can certainly be an option if you’re looking for some extra space. 


tent in the desert

Not all camping tents are created equal, and the materials they’re made from are no exception. While all manufactured materials will get the job done, some are more suited for certain circumstances, and some are just plain…better.

So, what do you need to look out for?

For all the backpackers out there, it’s worth checking out tents made from nylon. Not only is it water resistant, but it’s also very light, making it your shoulder’s best friend when putting in several miles a day. Just make sure you purchase a tent made from rip-stop nylon. Regular nylon has a tendency to tear easily, but rip-stop nylon is made with evenly spaced, thicker threads that will prevent large holes from appearing. This is the standard material in most backpacking tents nowadays, but it’s still worth keeping an eye out for just in case.

If you’re planning on staying in one place for awhile, or don’t mind the extra weight, polyester is the way to go. It resists UV rays better than nylon, so it tends to last longer, and it doesn’t sag when wet.

Interior Loops/Pockets

It’s the little things in life that we appreciate, and when it comes to camping, that includes gear storage like loops and pockets. Maybe you’re the type of person who likes to keep things organized. Maybe you’re like me, and you don’t enjoy having your food and gear cluttered around you while trying to sleep. Thankfully many tents have handy pockets for this sort of thing, in addition to a nice little loop on the ceiling for you to hang your lantern for a nice homey glow.

How to Choose the Best 3 Person Tent

Where You’re Going

tent on a mountain in the sunrise

Which season are you camping in? If it’s the dead of winter, you’ll want a 4 season tent because of the extra insulation. If it’s warmer out, this insulation will only be dead weight in your pack so you should go with a 3 or 2 season tent. Do you expect a lot of rain? Find something with a good rainfly to keep you dry, but also make sure you have proper ventilation to prevent condensation buildup. Take a good look at whatever tent you want to purchase, and compare it with others to see which has the features you’ll need the most.

Shelters this size also tend to mark that transition point between backpacking tents and car camping tents. Many are going to be heavy enough to give backpackers pause before pulling the trigger, but there are a few ultralight tents thrown into the mix.


The last thing you want to do after a long day of hiking is struggle to pitch your tent. While most 3 person camping tents are small enough to set up easily with one person, there are some exceptions. Make sure you find one that won’t make your blood pressure rise when it’s time to set up camp for the night.

Best 3 Person Tent Reviews

Alpha Camp 3 Person Dome Tent

  • Best For: Car Camping
  • Pole Material: Fiberglass
  • Tent Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 8 Pounds
  • Floor Space: 56 Sq. Feet
  • Peak Height: 50 Inches
  • Number of Doors: 1
  • Comes with Footprint: No

Alpha Camp’s dome tent has everything you could want in an outdoor shelter. Proper ventilation? Check. Wind and water resistance? Check. Internal storage? Check. Electrical port access? Check. 

You get the idea.

Great for the seasonal camper, you would probably be okay if you took this tent out in the cold, but I wouldn’t recommend it given the fiberglass poles. They are sturdy enough to withstand strong winds, but it’s not worth risking a malfunction in the dead of winter. Not to mention, that material is prone to splintering when exposed to cold temperatures.

It might not look very big, but this camping tent can actually fit 3 people, though I hope you’re comfortable being shoulder to shoulder. If you don’t want to feel like a sardine, consider bumping up a tent size or changing your trip to a 2 person excursion. However, considering just how affordable it is, perhaps you could get two tents and split your group up accordingly!


– Easy to assemble and disassemble
– Electrical port
– Reflective tent rope
– Versatile design
– Three windows and ground vent for air flow


– Not very water resistant in heavy rain

Kazoo Outdoor Camping Tent

  • Best For: Car Camping
  • Pole Material: Fiberglass
  • Tent Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 14 Pounds
  • Floor Space: 33 Sq. Feet
  • Peak Height: 57 Inches
  • Number of Doors: 2
  • Comes with Footprint: Yes

And you thought kazoos were only for kids to play with! Well this camping tent will be music to your ears, due to its unique design and high quality materials. The inner liner is made from mesh for adequate airflow, and the rainfly is ripstop polyester for added durability. It might feel thin and flimsy, but it’s a durable tent that offers more than enough weather protection to keep you safe through the storms.

One of my favorite features of this tent is the vestibule. The front door actually can be propped up to create an awning so you can sit completely outside, while still being protected from the sun and rain. This is really nice if you don’t want to disturb someone sleeping in the tent, but still want a measure of protection while you’re sitting outside. Just use the included supports or whip out a couple of trekking poles to prop up the awning, and you’ve got yourself a relaxing, open air seating area.

It’s not a lightweight tent, so it might be a little difficult for one person to set it up alone. But if you don’t mind the extra hassle, there isn’t much else to complain about. With the help of a friend, you’ll be all set up and ready to go within a matter of minutes.


– Ripstop material
– Front door can turn into an awning
– Waterproof
– Carry case isn’t too big or too small
– Fully covered rainfly


– Takes two to set up

Mountain Hardwear Mineral King 3 Tent

  • Best For: Car Camping/Backpacking
  • Pole Material: DAC Pressfit
  • Tent Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 7 Pounds
  • Floor Space: 42.5 Sq. Feet
  • Peak Height: 48 Inches
  • Number of Doors: 2
  • Comes with Footprint: Yes

A solid mid-range tent, the Mountain Hardwear Mineral King has all the features you’d hope to find in a 3 person tent. With a minimum trail weight of 6 pounds, 1.7 ounces, you could claim it as either a heavy backpacking tent or a light car camping tent. The tent body is symmetrical and rectangular, which maximizes the amount of space and comfort that you’ll experience inside. Considering the floor area is just shy of 43 square feet, it’s one of those few 3 person tents that will allow 3 adults to sleep comfortably.

The peak height might not be as high as the Kazoo tent mentioned above, but you’ll find that there’s still ample headroom when you’re sitting down. Breathability isn’t a problem either, as much of the tent is made out of mesh. So whether you decide to use it on your next backpacking trip or for a short stint at the local campground, you’ll be able to keep the inside well ventilated and (somewhat) condensation free.

The Mineral King’s weather resistance is sufficient enough to repel most storms that come your way. Well, the rainfly is good in extreme weather conditions, at least. The floor could use some work, which is why I recommend you always use the included footprint whenever you camp.

Overall, the large sleeping area is the primary selling point for this particular shelter. The modest weight, breathability, and two vestibules also make this a tent worth considering for your preferred style of camping.


– Spacious interior
– Waterproof rainfly
– Dual vestibules
– Somewhat affordable price
– Light weight


– Floor may leak in excessive rain

Sea to Summit Telos TR3 Tent

  • Best For: Car Camping/Backpacking
  • Pole Material: Aluminum
  • Tent Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 4.5 Pounds
  • Floor Space: 40 Sq. Feet
  • Peak Height: 52.5 Inches
  • Number of Doors: 2
  • Comes with Footprint: No

The Sea to Summit Telos TR3 tent is a good option for someone who wants a versatile camping tent. Need something for backpacking? At 4.5 pounds, it’s very easy to carry, and you can always split the weight with your partner. Want to go car camping? It fits well in the bed of a truck and can hold a queen size air mattress no problem. Going to spend a few nights at a campground? It’s sturdy against the elements, and there’s enough ventilation where you’ll stay cool even if you happen to sleep past noon.

There’s enough space for 3 adults, if you don’t mind a snug fit. With a handy vestibule for storage, you can keep your gear and boots safe without tracking in dirt or mud into your sleeping space. There’s also a convenient storage net at the top of the tent for you to hold your personal items. If you don’t want to use it or it gets in the way, it is detachable, so you can easily take it down.

I also love the unique, inverted brow pole that increases the height of the door and creates more living space. There are also a number of different “modes” that you can put the tent into, some of which are excellent for ventilation and stargazing. It might have a stiff price tag, but you’re not going to find a better lightweight 3 person tent than the Telos.


– Good for any kind of camping
– Fits well into a backpack
– Durable material
– Velcro straps on the vents
– Water resistant


– Smaller than advertised

Bessport 3 Person Tent

  • Best For: Car Camping/Backpacking
  • Pole Material: Aluminum
  • Tent Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 6.5 Pounds
  • Floor Space: 44.6 Sq. Feet
  • Peak Height: 47 Inches
  • Number of Doors: 2
  • Comes with Footprint: No

The tent that I personally use for most of my camping, I would recommend Bessport’s 3 person tent to anyone. It’s lightweight enough for one person to carry it easily, but you can still divide up the tent material, poles, and stakes with a friend or two if you want to spread it out even more.

But how does it work in the weather? Well, I’m glad you asked, because I’ve put mine through more than a few extreme conditions. In heavy rain, the rainfly and footprint make sure that not a single drop of water gets through. I’ve comfortably sat through some strong thunderstorms, impressed by how well the structure was keeping me and my gear dry inside. When I was camping in the desert, and the wind was pushing 40 mph through the dunes, the poles didn’t break and the tent didn’t collapse. I felt safe and protected all night, despite hearing the sand constantly pelting the outside of the tent.

It’s also a 3+ person camping tent, which is slightly bigger than the standard 3 person tent. Typically, I only use it with one other friend, and we have plenty of space left on the tent floor to spread out and store our gear. If we were to add another person to the mix, we still wouldn’t be shoulder to shoulder when lying down to sleep at night.


– Easy to set up, especially with two people
– Light and portable
– Water and fire resistant
– Hubbed pole design
– Excellent ventilation


– Zippers like to stick

Clostnature 3 Person Lightweight Tent

  • Best For: Car Camping/Backpacking
  • Pole Material: Aluminum
  • Tent Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 6.4 Pounds
  • Floor Space: 36.25 Sq. Feet
  • Peak Height: 48 Inches
  • Number of Doors: 2
  • Comes with Footprint: No

Light and easy to shove in your pack, Clostnature’s lightweight 3 person tent is the ultimate backpackers tent for a group of two or three. The two aluminum poles are not only light and sturdy, but also make for an easy setup that even a complete novice should be able to accomplish without issue. 

Labeled as a 3 season camping tent, I would feel comfortable taking this one with me on a winter camping trip if the temperatures were relatively mild. Most of the inner tent is made out of mesh, so airflow will be the least of your worries. And when the rainfly is set up properly using the guylines, it never touches the inner tent, so you’ll never have to deal with condensation buildup.

The mesh tent walls come with two doors (one on each side), so you can get in and out easily without stepping over your partner. Gear storage could be better, but there’s a mesh pocket here and there to hold onto your personal belongings. Overall, it’s a reliable tent that has a lot to offer, despite being such an inexpensive option.


– Freestanding
– Lightweight
– Mesh inner tent
– Aluminum poles
– Taut rainfly when set up properly


– Zippers may snag

Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL 3 Carbon Tent

  • Best For: Backpacking
  • Pole Material: Aluminum
  • Tent Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 2.6 Pounds
  • Floor Space: 38 Sq. Feet
  • Peak Height: 42 Inches
  • Number of Doors: 2
  • Comes with Footprint: No

With walls as thin as paper, it can be easy to raise eyebrows at the Big Agnes Tiger Wall carbon tent. After all, when your shelter is practically translucent, it can be hard to believe that it will withstand the heavy rain showers and strong winds that the best backpacking tents must face. But just wait, this special material called Dyneema is a lot more impressive than you would think by looking at it.

Praised for its durability and weatherproofing, Dyneema is a strong, ultralight tent material. There are few shelters that make use of it, mostly because it requires quite a bit of care and because of how expensive it is. However, that’s only to be expected – after all, how many three person tents do you know of that only weigh 2 pounds?

The ultralight nature of this tent makes it a perfect addition to any backpacker’s arsenal, especially if they value having plenty of interior space to spread out. In fact, it’s one of the few 3 person tents out there that sports near vertical walls, which really opens up the inside of the structure.

However, buyer beware, this isn’t a tent for everyone. Even Big Agnes warns that the special materials used in the construction of this shelter (Dyneema and carbon fiber) require more care than your average tent. Be careful to keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible, and grab yourself a footprint to cut back on overall wear and tear.


– Ultralightweight
– Waterproof
– Multiple gear loops and an oversized ceiling pocket
– Hubbed, single pole setup
– Good sized vestibules


– Very delicate
– Ventilation needs improvement

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What Should I Look for When Buying a 3 Person Tent?

There are certain features that you should look for, regardless of the capacity of your tent. A few of these include: durability (how well it will hold up over time), waterproofing (was it properly coated to keep rain out?), ventilation (sufficient airflow keeps you cool, and prevents the buildup of condensation), ease of use (how easily can you set it up and take it down?), and weight (how much muscle will you need to use to transport it).

Looking for a backpacking tent? They need to be lightweight, and frankly, 3 person tents don’t usually fit the bill. Well, except for one – the Big Agnes Tiger Wall 3 carbon tent. Made from a few rare materials, like Dyneema and carbon fiber, the entire tent weighs a shocking two pounds. Though it does require more care than your average tent, nothing’s better if you’re looking for the best backpacking 3 person tent.

Sizes will vary between models, but generally speaking, a 3 person tent is going to be 7×7 feet.


When it comes to picking the best 3 person tent, there are a few things you want to look into. Is it big enough to suit my needs? What season will I be using it in? Will the materials hold up? Keeping all of these things (and more) in mind, we feel like Sea to Summmit Telos TR3 tent takes the cake.

Not only is it incredibly easy to set up, it’s also durable, which is something you can’t compromise on with a tent. Due to the nature of some of the materials, I wouldn’t recommend using it during the winter, but it makes an excellent shelter in the warmer months. Water and fireproof, you can feel safe and comfortable no matter what might be going on outside.

Looking for other tent options for different sized groups? Check out our reviews on 2 person and 6 person tents!

Spencer Yeomans

Spencer Yeomans

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