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If you’re in a rush and want to find out what the best six person tent is, we recommend Nemo’s Wagontop 6 person tent.

Hanging out with friends and family in the great outdoors is a welcome treat, but it’s easy to run into logistical problems when trying to manage so many people. Do you have enough food? Is the tent big enough? What activities should you do?

There’s a lot to think about, and honestly, it can be hard to even know what to look for to find the product that will give you the experience you want. We know it can be a headache trying to prepare for a trip like this, so we thought we would pick up a portion of your burden by putting together some of the best six person tents for you to choose from.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the following six person tents:


yellow tent in a forest

Among one of the more important, yet often overlooked, features of a tent is its ventilation system. This network of windows and mesh openings does exactly what you might expect, which is to increase the amount of airflow taking place inside the tent. The reason why this is important extends beyond the need for a little fresh air inside an otherwise stagnant tent. 

Condensation builds up over time if there’s no airflow to whisk the moisture away. This water buildup comes from your breath, and is made even worse if it happens to be a particularly muggy day. If you don’t have a method of removing this extra moisture, eventually you’ll end up with droplets falling on you. Not to mention, a tent that will start to sag and get waterlogged.

Obviously, having windows you can open is the ideal option for maximum airflow. But during chilly nights or the middle of a rain shower, it’s understandable why you wouldn’t be keen on doing this.

Ease of Setup

You can have the best tent in the world, and still resist using it if it’s too much of a hassle to set up. Heavy poles, large amounts of canvas, and other gear are a pain to put together on a small tent, let alone something as big as a 6 person tent. While some effort is unavoidable, there are plenty of larger tents that require far less effort to set up than you might expect, especially if you have someone else helping you. You may even find a couple 6 person pop up tents and 6 person instant tents out there somewhere, which would significantly reduce the amount of time needed to put it together.

Quite a few large tents (cabin tents especially) can take close to half an hour to put together, even with the help of a friend. Regardless of the quality of these tents, no one wants to take that much time out of their day just to put their shelter up. That’s why it’s always nice when you run across a 6 person tent that can be set up in under 5 minutes, without compromising on any of the key features that you’d expect out of a tent. 

Storage Options

When housing so many people, having enough space to store all of their belongings is a must. Without enough vestibules, pockets, loops, or other storage facilities, the belongings of 6 people will quickly take up more room than you might have bargained for. Where you once might have been able to squeeze in 6 sleeping bodies, you’ll barely be able to fit 4, if you don’t find another place to leave your gear.

Weather Protection

tent on a plain next to mountains

This is what it all comes down to, really. The biggest reason why you have a tent in the first place is for protection against the elements, so it’s important to make sure that your shelter can actually fulfill this requirement. Is it waterproof? Will it stand strong even in gusty wind? Does it have UV protection? These things, among others, are thoughts that should be going through your head as you consider purchasing a tent. 


What kind of poles does your tent have? Aluminum is my favorite, because of how lightweight they are while remaining sturdy. Fiberglass can also be a good option, especially in warmer months when it’s less likely to sliver or break. Steel is obviously the most durable, but is very heavy and can make it difficult to set up camp. 


The material of your tent will most likely be nylon or polyester. These have become common in the camping world because of how lightweight they are, while remaining durable and water resistant. However, the downside is that they don’t breathe, so making sure you have enough ventilation is key. 

Canvas, on the other hand, is heavier and needs to be layered in waterproof coatings, but still lets a good amount of air through its walls without leaking. Though it does require more maintenance than synthetic materials, canvas that’s well taken care of is still the superior option. 

Best 6 Person Tent Reviews

UNP 6 Person Tent

Despite its large and heavy nature, you might be surprised to know that UNPs 6 person tent can be set up in under 3 minutes, no special skills required. That leaves you with more time to enjoy with the people around you, allowing you to get the most out of your time in nature. It’s spacious enough to easily accommodate 6 campers, and has a center height of 6.5 feet to make walking around and changing clothes simple and convenient.

There are two roof vents and a side vent, which create a “chimney effect” to funnel air through the tent. The nice thing is that there’s zippered access to these vents from the inside, so you can completely seal them off if it’s too cold or water starts to leak in.


– Fast and easy to set up
– Good ventilation
– Can easily fit 6 people
– The near vertical walls creates more usable space
– Solid steel poles for durability


– Flimsy zippers

Moon Lence 6 Person Tent

A nice lightweight option for those of you who value that, Moon Lence’s 6 person tent comes in at a shocking 9 pounds. While there definitely are larger tents out there that weigh less, this one is still way ahead of the game compared to many of its counterparts. And to make it easy to carry, it comes with a handy tote bag that’s big enough to easily slide the tent components in with no trouble. It comes with shock cord poles that make for an easier setup…so much so that one person alone could set it up in about 15 minutes, if they knew what they were doing. 

For ventilation purposes, it has a ground vent and two mesh windows to circulate the air. This will help prevent the buildup of condensation, as well as keep you cool during hot summer nights. 


– Lightweight
– Great carry bag
– Good air circulation
– Large rainfly


– A bit on the tiny side for a 6 person tent

Coleman Weather Master 6 Person Tent

Cabin tents are well known to be a great option for large groups of people to live in together, and Coleman’s Weather Master is no exception. Because of its larger size, you’ll be able to accommodate a larger number of people more easily. Not to mention, with a center height reaching almost 7 feet, no one will need to crouch down inside this tent. This is especially helpful if you need to change clothes or just want to stretch out a little.

Being able to resist the weather is a key feature that any good tent should have. This tent has welded seams to eliminate needle holes that remain after the manufacturing process, so water won’t slip in through the openings. It also comes with steel poles for added durability and strength in the face of strong winds that might otherwise threaten to topple your structure. 


– Very roomy
– Tall center height makes it easy to stand straight
– Welded seams
– Steel poles
– Separate floorless screen room


– Doesn’t protect against heavy rain very well

Mobihome 6 Person Tent

Even though it’s a larger tent, Mobihome’s 6 person tent boasts a surprisingly quick setup. With a special hub system for single operation, you can set this tent up all by yourself in a matter of minutes. Just unroll the tent, lock your poles, and pull the drawstring to get everything set up. 

It comes with 2 big top mesh windows that open up the sky for a great night of stargazing during clear weather. This is a nice touch, especially if you’ve got kids with you who would enjoy staring at the night sky. And if that doesn’t give you enough ventilation, there are also 3 mesh windows and a door to offer even more airflow, even when covered by the rainfly. 

In spite of everything this tent comes with, including 14 steel tent stakes, it’s only about 14 pounds. So if you’re looking to get your money’s worth without getting too weighted down, this is a great option to consider.


– Fast setup
– Mesh roof for good airflow and skylight
– Relatively lightweight
– Steel stakes


– Low height
– Fitting 6 people comfortably is difficult

CORE 6 Person Tent

Though it might be a little tight, fitting 6 people in Core’s tent is certainly possible. With enough room to inflate 2 queen size air mattresses, you’ll be packed in there, but that’s to be expected when you try to fill the tent up to its maximum capacity. 

While this tent doesn’t have much in the way of bells and whistles, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still a quality product. Made out of polyester, it’s fairly lightweight and water resistant, especially since it comes with Core’s H2O block technology to prevent moisture from slipping in. Not only that, it also has a gear loft and several other pockets on the interior walls, so you’ll have plenty of storage space to keep your belongings out of the way.


– Weather resistant
– Plenty of storage space
– Fairly tall center height
– Adjustable ground vents
– Electrical port access


– A little cramped
– Zippers can cause frustration

Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

As if a normal six person tent wasn’t enough, Coleman took it up a notch by adding in a screen room to this tent. In addition to creating a nice, enclosed seating area, this extra room can also act as another sleeping space if it’s starting to feel a little cramped in the main tent. It has the same floor as the rest of the tent, and the windows all have zip up flaps to block out any wind or rain. Unfortunately, the main entryway is all mesh, so there’s no helping it if there’s a rain storm – you’re going to get wet if you sleep out there.

Because so much of this tent is open to the elements, I’d probably suggest you use it as a one season tent. You’ll get colder more easily during chilly fall and spring nights, and winter is totally out of the question. But if you play it to it’s strengths, all of the ventilation is a luxury when you’re trying to sleep when it’s hot and muggy outside. Especially when you have the extra body heat of six other people to contend with!


– Well ventilated
– The screen room makes for a fun, unique experience
– Waterproof
– Can easily be pitched by one person
– Tearing it all down again is just as simple


– The porch will get wet in storms
– Doesn’t do well on chilly nights

Alpine Mountain Gear Weekender 6 person Tent

It’s a little difficult to tell from the picture, but the Weekender 6 person tent is surprisingly spacious. You’ll be able to fit two queen sized air mattresses (or cots) on the inside, which is usually enough room to snugly fit six people. If you’re like me, though, and hate feeling like a canned sardine, it makes a perfect 4 person tent as well.

Setup is quick and easy, oftentimes taking a mere 5 minutes or so to put it all together. I wish I could say it went back into it’s storage bag just as easily, but there’s an art form to it that you’ll discover through trial and error. The tub style floor and waterproof rainfly ensure that you’ll stay dry even in a torrential downpour, and the dome style makes it less of a wind catcher than some of the products I’ve mentioned above.

On the inside, you’ll find plenty of options for gear storage, including mesh pockets and a loft. There’s not much in the way of windows, and ventilation could use a minor improvement, but overall, it’s a solid tent that does it’s job very well.


– Easy to set up
– Surprisingly spacious
– Tub style floor
– Waterproof
– Very durable


– Difficult to put back in the carry bag

Marmot Limestone 6 Person Tent

Marmot is a high end brand that you can’t help but love. Their Limestone 6 person tent, in particular, is a product that has all of the features that you could want in a family sized shelter. The vertical walls have to be my favorite part about the whole design, because when you’re packing so many people into a confined space, you want all the extra room you can get. Having so much extra headroom is a lifesaver, allowing you to stretch out and feel like you can breathe.

Despite being a bit of a wind catcher with the tall walls, the sturdiness of this tent is something to be admired. In high, sustained winds, the poles might bend a little bit, but it will take a lot before they break. Not only that, you won’t have any trouble staying dry in heavy rain storms either. I wish the back panel had some mesh on it to increase ventilation, but aside from that, there’s little to complain about.


– Vertical walls
– Sturdy design
– Weatherproof
– Sleeps 5 comfortably or 6 tightly
– Zippers don’t snag easily


– Ventilation is fairly poor

Nemo Wagontop 6 Person Tent

How many of you have ever seen a tent that looks like this one before? Nemo’s Wagontop 6 person tent might have a unique design, but that’s one of the best parts about this shelter. The vertical walls provide a generous amount of interior space, and though it might be hard to see in the picture, the peak height of the tent is 80 inches! Regardless of how tall you are (unless you’re crazy tall), you’ll be able to freely walk through any portion of this tent without needing to duck.

Unlike any of the other tents mentioned in this review, the Wagontop is a single layer tent, meaning there’s no rainfly. The tent material itself is waterproof, reducing the overall weight and hassle associated with setting up a shelter this large. It also pairs nicely with Nemo’s Victory blanket and their garage add on, both of which are not included.


– Really tall peak height
– Vertical walls construction
– Single layer design is lightweight
– Self contained hub system
– Easy to set up by yourself
– Excellent ventilation


– More likely to get dripped on by condensation due to single layer wall design

The North Face Wawona 6 Person Tent

A large shelter with a massive vestibule, the Wawona 6 person tent is great for those of you planning on bringing a lot of people with a lot of gear. The giant vestibule is probably the most noteworthy feature of this product, and really the only thing that makes it stand out against its competitors. You can expect the usual high quality standard from The North Face that we’ve grown to know and love – the tent is incredibly waterproof, the poles are light, and it’s all very easy to set up.

On the inside, there’s an interior height of 80 inches, which is large enough to accommodate just about anyone who wants to stand straight without hitting their head. Ventilation is also quite good, though it does have a tendency to accumulate a lot of condensation. This usually isn’t a big issue, though, because of the double wall design.


– High quality poles
– Massive vestibule
– Easy to put together
– 80 inch interior height
– Good ventilation


– Not the greatest carry bag
– The tent stakes are subpar at best


Finding the right tent to fit you and your companions can be an exercise in frustration. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t one of the more important things that needs to be done. Not only do you need to find a shelter big enough to fit everyone, but it should also be able to withstand the elements and have enough room to store your belongings.

Nemo’s Wagontop 6 person tent checked all of the most important boxes for us that we look for in a tent. Not only does it actually fit 6 people comfortably (unlike many other 6 person tents), it’s also very easy to put together, in spite of the large poles. If you’re looking for something that will protect you from the weather, but is still big enough where you can stand at full height without hitting your head, you’ll love this tent.

Like the large tent size, but want something a little different? Take a look at these cabin tents!

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