Best Double Sleeping Bags for Camping Couples

If you’re in a rush and want to find out what the best double sleeping bag is, we recommend the Big Agnes King Solomon 35 Double Sleeping Bag.


Have you ever gone on a romantic camping trip with a partner? Then you know how fun it can be to share those special moments under the stars, enjoying the crackling campfire, before heading off to bed until the sun wakes you. But let’s admit it, slipping into separate sleeping bags can sometimes be a bit of a killjoy, leaving you both feeling a little cramped and lonely.

So why not spend the night without any barriers between the two of you? The best double sleeping bags let you snuggle up with the one you love, providing a much more intimate camping experience than what the alternative has to offer. If that sounds like a more ideal setup to you, then check out some of the bags below to find something for your favorite style of camping.

Double Sleeping Bags At A Glance

If you’re in a hurry, check out this quick list of our favorite double sleeping bags – otherwise, keep on scrolling to get to the full reviews!

Top Double Sleeping Bags – Reviewed

Big Agnes King Solomon 35 Double Sleeping Bag

Weight: 3.1 Pounds

Insulation: Down

Temperature Rating: 35°F

Compressed Vol.: 11.6 L

Highly compressible and fairly lightweight, the Big Agnes King Solomon double sleeping bag is a great product to kick off our list. Weighing just 3 pounds, it isn’t any heavier than your standard sleeping bag, despite being a double. Likewise, the compressed volume is only 11.6 liters, which is a far cry from something like the NEMO Jazz mentioned below, which has a compressed volume of 138 liters.

That being said, you could probably get away with using the King Solomon on a backpacking trip, though I’d still recommend using it primarily for car camping. The vertical baffles are stuffed with 650 fill power down, providing a solid amount of warmth for you and your partner. I also appreciate how the top quilted layer can be zipped off and used like a comforter, allowing you to regulate your temperature much easier.

The King Solomon is compatible with a number of accessories as well, including sleeping pads and pillows. A pad cinch system keeps your sleeping pad secured to the sleeping bag, which means you don’t have to worry about rolling off of it as you shift around during the night. And the included “pillow barn” acts as a sort of sleeve for your pillow, locking it in place so you’ve always got the support that you need.

Overall, this double sleeping bag is surprisingly portable and spacious, sporting a good number of additional features to keep you comfortable and warm. But hey, isn’t that par for the course, when it comes to Big Agnes? The entire package can be purchased for a pretty good price as well, making this one of the best double sleeping bags for couples out there.

Reasons For


Highly compressible

Great temperature regulation

Reasonable price

Pillow and sleeping pad systems

Anti-snag zippers

Reasons Against

Not the warmest sleeping bag

Exped MegaSleep Duo Double Sleeping Bag

Weight: 4.4 Pounds

Insulation: Synthetic

Temperature Rating: 25°F

Compressed Vol.: 14 L

I’ve always seen Exped as a forerunner in the sleep system space. Their sleeping pads are second to none, and their pillows are soft and ergonomic, significantly aiding in the quality of your night’s rest. That’s why I was excited to check out their MegaSleep Duo double sleeping bag…and why I was subsequently disappointed when I learned it wasn’t as amazing as I hoped it would be.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an amazing sleeping bag, for what it’s worth. Incredibly comfortable with plenty of space for side sleepers, the MegaSleep Duo certainly isn’t lacking in the coziness department. It’s also one of the most affordable double sleeping bags in this review, and it has a pretty good weight and compressed volume. I’m still not convinced that anyone “should” backpack with a double sleeping bag, but if you really wanted to, you could get away with it when using the MegaSleep.

But let’s talk about temperature rating – the area where I have the most complaints. In theory, when you have the dark blue side facing up, this double sleeping bag should keep you “warm” down to 25 degrees. However, in practice, it seems like a sleeping bag better suited for 60 degree temperatures. Depending on your sleep system, you could probably use it in temps down to 40 degrees, but any more than that, and you’ll definitely be pushing the boundaries of what’s safe. Needless to say, the MegaSleep has almost no insulative power whatsoever, so if you were looking for a double sleeping bag to use in chilly weather, I’d look at another option in this review.

Reasons For



Decent weight

Good compressed volume

Next-to-skin fabrics are treatment free

Reasons Against

Very little insulating power

REI Co-op HunkerDown 20 Double Sleeping Bag

Weight: 6.7 Pounds

Insulation: Down

Temperature Rating: 20°F

Compressed Vol.: 17.5 L

An ideal double sleeping bag for tall folks, the REI Co-op HunkerDown sleeping bag offers an impressive 78 inches (6.5 feet) of length for you to slip into. As a tall guy myself, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the extra space, and I can guarantee that you’ll feel the same way.

The weight is pretty much what you’d expect from a bag this size, coming in at 6.7 pounds. It’s not terrible, but still probably not something you’d want to backpack long distances with, either. Still, the compressed volume hovers at a solid 17.5 liters, which is pretty reasonable for a bag this size. Part of the reason why it can be packed down so well, despite its larger size, is because the insulation consists of 600 fill power down. This gives it a solid amount of warmth and compressibility, while keeping the poundage from skyrocketing even higher than it is.

A zipper at the bottom of the bag lets you give your feet some air, in case you start getting too hot. Conversely, the draft tube does a good job at trapping warm air inside the bag when you need a little extra help on those chilly nights. I wouldn’t rate it as a 20 degree bag, though, as it’s a little lacking in the insulation department just like the Exped MegaSleep mentioned above. Still, it does pretty well for an affordable double sleeping bag, especially since you can split it into two separate bags if necessary.

Reasons For

Very large

Good temperature regulation

Decent price

Can separate into two individual sleeping bags

Solid draft collar

Reasons Against

Not as warm as marketed

Therm-a-Rest Vela Double 20 Quilt

Weight: 2.8 Pounds

Insulation: Down

Temperature Rating: 20°F

Compressed Vol.: 15.6 L

Although it’s not “technically” a sleeping bag, the Therm-a-Rest Vela double quilt is still a great option for couples who want to sleep together while camping. Despite being a quilt, it comes with a stretchy footbox that can be utilized in a variety of ways. Obviously, you can just use it as it is, sticking your feet in the footbox and calling it good. On really hot nights, I’d suggest laying the Vela on the ground with the open side facing up, so you still have a comfortable place to sleep without trapping the heat.

That being said, the proper way to use this double quilt is by pairing it with a sleeping pad (and a sleeping bag, sheet, or blanket, if you’d like) to create a layered sleep system. Many sleeping pads will slip right into the footbox of the quilt, creating a fully enclosed space for you to catch a few winks in. Most Therm-a-Rest gear pairs nicely with the Vela, so if you’ve been a customer of this brand in the past, I’d recommend pulling the trigger on this one.

Of course, this double quilt isn’t without its flaws, but I find them to be manageable. Like most products in this review, I wouldn’t say that the Vela gives an honest temperature rating, but it does come closer than most. If you’re using nothing but the quilt and a sleeping pad, I wouldn’t recommend camping in temperatures colder than 35 degrees. However, with a little extra help, you definitely can drop into those sub-freezing temperatures without putting yourself at risk.

The quilt itself is also a bit big, making it somewhat difficult to pack away and transport. It’s not bad enough where I’d say you shouldn’t backpack with it, but just keep in mind that it’s not going to be as fun to work with as one of the smallest sleeping bags when packed.

Reasons For

Versatile design

Fairly lightweight

Pretty good warmth


Good in most environments

Reasons Against

A little pricy

Not as warm as marketed

The North Face Inferno Double Sleeping Bag

Weight: 2 Pounds

Insulation: Down

Temperature Rating: 15°F

Compressed Vol.: N/A

Right off the bat, I have to say that The North Face Inferno double sleeping bag is quite expensive. It’s the only product in this review that breaks the 4-figure price range (though barely), so it’s definitely not something for those of you on a budget. That being said, if you have wiggle room with your finances, I think you’ll find that there’s a lot to appreciate about the Inferno.

For starters, this is the only “mummy” style double sleeping bag that made it onto this review. So, as you might expect, the amount of warmth that this bag can generate is second to none – both on paper, and in reality. Whereas most double sleeping bags struggle to live up to their temperature ratings, The North Face Inferno lives up to its name with ease, providing a solid amount of heat even in sub-freezing conditions.

Mummy bags also compress more easily and tend to weigh less, which are features that transferred to the Inferno as well. Unfortunately, the sleeping pad attachment points are only compatible with two single sleeping pads, instead of a double. It’s a design choice that makes no sense to me, and it’s one of the reasons why the Inferno didn’t receive my “best overall” rating. It’s also pretty hard to snuggle inside of this bag, due to the fact that the individual hoods don’t lose their shape when they’re released in the center.

Reasons For

Very warm

Highly compressible




Reasons Against


Sleeping pad attachments are only for two individual pads, not a double

NEMO Jazz 30 Double Sleeping Bag

Weight: 8.9 Pounds

Insulation: Synthetic

Temperature Rating: 30°F

Compressed Vol.: 138 L

I’m a big fan of the single person version of the NEMO Jazz, and that admiration definitely carried over to the double as well. But to be honest, it’s not without its fair share of flaws either, so why don’t I get those out of the way before we go any further.

To start, this is an incredibly heavy bag, weighing in just shy of 9 pounds. Compare that to any of the other double sleeping bags in this review, and it’s quite shocking to see how big of a difference there is between them. But, weight aside, what really made my jaw drop was the compressed volume. I’ve never seen any sleeping bag come even close to 138 liters until now, making this one of the bulkiest bags out there (as far as I can tell).

But don’t let those stats scare you away just yet. They come with a fair tradeoff in the form of added comfort and spaciousness, which gives you a level of coziness that you won’t find in any other bag out there. I think it’s perfect for any couple that wants to imitate their home setup as closely as possible, and what’s even better is that you can easily regulate the temperature on both sides of the sleeping bag. Separate zippers allow you to ventilate each side individually, so if one of your sleeps colder than the other, you can easily adjust for the discrepancy.

Like the single version of the Jazz, the double also comes with its own bedsheets for added comfort. The pillow pocket keeps your pillow from wandering off during the night, and the draft collar help keep the warm air trapped inside while giving you something soft to snuggle into. Overall, the NEMO Jazz is one of the most luxurious double sleeping bags out there – perfect for all couples, but especially those with young children that want to join in on the fun.

Reasons For

Very comfortable

Individual temperature regulation


Comes with bedsheets

Effective draft collar

Reasonable price

Reasons Against



TETON Sports Evergreen Sleeping Bag

Weight: 16.5 Pounds

Insulation: Synthetic

Temperature Rating: 20°F

Compressed Vol.: N/A

We’ve already listed off some double sleeping bags that won’t break the bank, but if you’re really looking for a super budget friendly option, the TETON Sports Evergreen sleeping bag might be the one for you. Plus, if you’re bored with the monochromatic color schemes that most sleeping bags come in, you’ll appreciate the plaid interior on the Evergreen as well. It is flannel, after all.

In terms of performance, I have to say, I’m pretty impressed given the price point on this particular product. Though it’s incredibly heavy, the warmth factor is definitely there, performing significantly better than many double sleeping bags that are three times the price. I can practically guarantee that you’ll be sweating inside the bag on nights when the temperatures stay above freezing, unless you unzip a little to help ventilate.

Flannel is also a pretty comfortable material to sleep in, so I doubt you’ll have any complaints on that front. The bag itself is fairly spacious, easily accommodating two adults without any issue, even if you’re tall or wide (or both). It’s definitely a pain to repack, but compared with everything else, this feels like a small price to pay for superior warmth and comfort for you and your partner.

Reasons For

Very warm

Comfortable flannel


Zippers don’t stick

Good ventilation

Reasons Against

Heavy and hard to pack

Double Sleeping Bag Comparison Table

Your Page Title
Double Sleeping BagWeight (lbs)Temperature RatingMaterialInsulation
Big Agnes King Solomon 353.135°FPolyesterDown
Exped MegaSleep Duo4.425°FNylonSynthetic
REI Co-op HunkerDown 206.720°FPolyesterDown
Therm-a-Rest Vela Double 20 Quilt2.820°FPolyesterDown
The North Face Inferno Double215°FNylonDown
NEMO Jazz 308.930°FPolyesterSynthetic
TETON Sports Evergreen16.520°FTaffetaSynthetic

Important Features

Like any piece of camping gear, double sleeping bags come with a variety of differences and features that should be researched beforehand. Make sure you know the details about where you’ll be camping (i.e. weather, distance to campsite, etc.) before you choose a sleeping bag, and keep these points in mind to find the perfect bag for you:


sleeping bags in a tent in front of mountains

When it comes to double sleeping bags, you’ll find that the options are predominantly offered in a rectangular shape. Personally, I’ve never seen a semi-rectangular, double sleeping bag (though they may exist), and it’s a little rare to find a mummy style bag of this size as well. However, we’ve found a good variety of mummy and rectangular double sleeping bags to include in our review, so there’s an option for everyone.

In general, if you’re planning on backpacking with your partner, a mummy double sleeping bag can be a fantastic choice. Since they’re designed to prioritize weight reduction, insulation, and compressibility, they’re ideal for long treks. At the same time, this size reduction can make it tricky to find a good fit, especially if you and/or your partner are on the larger end of the spectrum. It’s worth noting that a double sleeping bag is still going to take up a decent amount of space inside your pack, which typically steers most backpackers away from them. So, while they may not offer the same spaciousness as rectangular double bags, they can still serve you well during car camping trips, thought you’ll be taking a hit in the comfort department.

Speaking of comfort, that’s where rectangular double sleeping bags truly excel. With their generous size and roominess, they’re the best at providing a luxury experience for you and your partner. You’ll have ample space to roll around, stretch out, and find the sleeping position that suits you best, even if you like to get comfortable on your side. It’s worth noting that backpacking with rectangular double bags is pretty much the worst idea ever, but they are the perfect choice for a comfortable and enjoyable time spent car camping together.


The fill of your sleeping bag is what provides insulation against the cold. And when it comes to the fill of any sleeping bag (double or otherwise), you’ll find that there are only two primary options available – down and synthetic. These two contenders dominate the current market, offering distinct advantages that complement each other perfectly.

Let’s start with synthetic fills. Thanks to how easy they are to make, they’re often the most affordable choice, and they possess the ability to provide insulation even when they get wet. This makes them particularly well-suited for mild and warm weather car camping, or in locations that are very humid and rainy. However, on the flip side, synthetics are much heavier than down, and they’re a lot harder to compress as well. While you can find some synthetic bags that work well for backpacking, I find that it’s best to use them primarily for car camping.

And then you have down bags, which are lightweight and highly compressible, allowing for easy packing and transport. Not to mention, down offers exceptional warmth, making it the preferred option in practically every case. I say “practically” because down does have a higher price point, and it loses its ability to insulate when it’s wet (unless you have hydrophobic down, which is even more expensive). Nevertheless, 9 times out of 10, this is the fill that I’d recommend to anyone who asks.

Temperature Rating

man in the desert with camping gear

Both single and double sleeping bags come with a temperature rating, which tells you just how cold it can be before you need to curl into a ball and shiver for warmth. The interesting part is that there are two versions of this rating: one designed for men and the other for women. For the guys, it’s called the “tested lower limit,” while the gals get the “tested comfort rating.” Different names, same purpose.

But let’s get one thing straight. If you’re thinking that a sleeping bag rated for 30 degrees will make you feel like you’re snoozing in a tropical paradise when it’s actually freezing outside, well, think again. It’s true that you won’t turn into a human ice cube, but don’t expect to feel like you’re wrapped in a warm hug either. That’s why I recommend choosing a sleeping bag with a temperature rating that’s at least 5-10 degrees lower than the actual outside temperature. This way, you have more of a buffer against the cold, allowing you to stay comfortable instead of riding that line between frozen and thawed.


When it comes to camping gear, weight is a big deal, especially for backpackers who have to lug around all their stuff for days on end. And let me tell you, sleeping bags can be real culprits when it comes to weighing you down. That’s why veteran campers are always looking for ways to shave off a few ounces (or pounds), whether they’re backpacking or car camping. If you can find a sleeping bag that clocks in at 4 pounds or less, consider yourself a winner in the camping world.

Most of the double sleeping bags in this review actually do a great job when it comes to weight, with many hovering under the 3 pound mark. However, there are a few exceptions, like the NEMO Jazz, which are quite a bit heavier. And while an 8 pound sleeping bag sounds excessive, it’s also the Rolls Royce of sleeping arrangements, providing superior comfort and spaciousness. You’ll be limited to car camping, for sure, but is that really such a bad thing?


You’d think that a double sleeping bag would cost twice as much as a regular sleeping bag, but most of the time, that’s not actually the case. You can expect to pay a couple hundred bucks, to be sure, but most of these sleeping bags are still on the lower end of that range. There is the oddball double sleeping bag here and there that breaks that rule, like The North Face Inferno, but for the most part, they’re all fairly budget friendly.

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What are the Advantages of Using a Double Sleeping Bag?

Double sleeping bags offer the convenience and comfort of sleeping together with your partner or a friend while camping, while eliminating some of the bulk and weight you get with separate sleeping bags. With shared body heat, they can also help keep you warm during colder nights, and as my wife would say, they’re great for cuddling.

Are Double Sleeping Bags Suitable for All Seasons?

Can Double Sleeping Bags Be Used as Two Separate Sleeping Bags?

Final Thoughts

The best double sleeping bag can give you the opportunity to cozy up with your favorite person while you’re out camping. It’s a nice change of pace that can help with bonding (and warmth), but it’s important to choose a bag that prioritizes durability, weight, and insulation to help you have a comfortable vacation. Among the top contenders, the Big Agnes King Solomon stands out with its generous dimensions, premium materials, and innovative design, promising an unforgettable camping experience for you and your partner.

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