If you’re in a rush and want to find out what the best tent with a stove jack is, we recommend the Danchel outdoor canvas tent.

There’s just something enchanting about a wood fire. Between the scent of the wood itself, the crackle as it burns, and the intense heat that it emits, most campers would admit that it’s one of the highlights of any trip. But what if I said that you could have this luxury right within the comfort of your tent?

You’ll need a stove and one of the best tents with a stove jack in order to pull it off, but now you can have a “campfire” right inside your shelter! Here’s everything you need to know in order to find success when you go hot tent camping for the first time.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the following best tents with a stove jack:

What is a Stove Jack?

A stove jack is a heat resistant port that’s located somewhere in the roof of your tent. It allows you to burn wood inside your shelter (in a stove, of course!), so you can heat up your tent and prepare food without stepping outside. Without this opening, the smoke from the burning wood would have no place to escape, ultimately making your shelter unlivable.

You might be surprised to find out that only 1% of the population has taken part in “hot tent camping.” As someone who’s spent a few nights in a tent with a wood stove, I can tell you that there’s something indescribably cozy about the experience. I can’t wait to do it again, and hope that you’ll take a chance on it too.


canvas tent with stove jack next to fjords

As with any tent, you’ll need to get one large enough to accommodate your crew. But not too large, otherwise you’ll struggle while carrying it from one place to another, and it’ll be a huge pain to set up. Some of the best stove jack tents are able to house up to 12 people, while others are on the smaller side, keeping it to a cozy, 3 person max capacity.

Just remember that your stove will also take up space inside the hot tent. If you’re looking at a 6 person tent, you’ll be able to comfortably house 5 people and a stove, not 6 people and a stove. Always size up on tent capacity if you think it’s going to be a tight squeeze.


No one wants to carry something heavy if they don’t have to. You’ve already got a bulky stove to lug around, in addition to your sleep setup and other gear, so why burden yourself with a 50 pound tent?

Canvas may be the ideal material for a hot tent, but it’s also one of the heaviest types of fabric you can get. You can counteract that effect by getting a smaller tent, but sometimes that just isn’t possible when you consider how many people you’ll need to shelter. In that case, you better hope a few of your buddies are nice enough to help you carry everything!

Synthetic materials, like polyester and nylon, are much lighter. You don’t see too many tents with a stove jack that are made from these materials, though, but they’re a lot more fragile. However, depending on how you intend to use them, they could be your best bet for reducing weight.


man standing outside a canvas tent with a stove jack

You don’t typically find much diversity in tent shape. If you head to the local campground, you’ll probably see a lot of dome tents, and maybe a cabin tent here or there for the larger groups of people. But when you start talking about hot tents, shapes become a little more diverse.

Bell tents are a lot more common when you’re looking for the best tents with a stove jack. That’s because many canvas tents adopt this shape, and canvas tents are among the best you can get for this style of camping.

I like bell tents a lot because they have a tall center height, thanks to the pole in the middle that holds everything up. There’s a nice cohesiveness to it all, and this shape also stands up to strong winds very well. They can be large or small, but no matter the size you get, you can expect it to be a cozy place to spend the night.

Wall tents are sort of like a larger version of a cabin tent. This is what I’ve personally stayed in, along with a tent stove to heat the place up as the fall nights turned chilly. Generally speaking, these tend to be better suited as permanent (or semi-permanent) structures, instead of something you bring for a weekend at the campground. However, there are some reasonably sized ones that we’ll take a look at below.

Tent Material

The material of your tent is very important, especially when you want to incorporate heat from a tent stove. If you’ve done much camping in the past, you probably used a tent that was made out of nylon or polyester – thin, lightweight, and perfect for the camper on the go. Under normal circumstances, these are the materials that I would tell you to pick. However, there’s one big problem with both of these synthetics.

They melt!

It is possible to find some nylon and polyester “hot tents,” but these are few and far between. They need a stove jack that’s reinforced to withstand the heat, and even then, they don’t insulate very well. Most of the heat that you generate will pass through the walls pretty easily, defeating the purpose of having a tent stove in the first place!

We believe that canvas is the only way to go, if you’re looking for a tent with a stove jack. Not only is it durable and heat resistant, it’s also insulative, allowing you to heat up your shelter quickly and keep it hot long after the fire goes out. However, since synthetic tents with stove jacks are becoming increasingly popular, we’ll still sprinkle a few into our review below. It’ll help you get a better sense for the pros and cons of each, so you can make a better informed decision.

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Pole Material

inside of a canvas wall tent at the beach

Because hot tents tend to be heavier, it’s important to have a sturdy pole structure to keep everything upright. Steel is the preferred material, especially for large and heavy canvas tents. Every so often, you may stumble across a tent with a stove jack that has poles made from aluminum or fiberglass, but these are more of the exception. They just aren’t as suitable for the endurance work necessary for tents like these.


Ventilation is always important in a tent, but it becomes a critical feature when you incorporate a stove. Smoke and carbon monoxide are serious health hazards, especially when they start to accumulate inside your shelter. Spend enough time breathing it in (while you’re sleeping, for example), and you could wake up with damaged lungs.

Now don’t get me wrong, most of the smoke and carbon monoxide should be travelling up and out of your shelter through the chimney. This is exactly when you need to have a tent with a stove jack in the first place. However, there still is a chance that some harmful gases will escape through the door or other locations if the stove isn’t fully sealed. Always make sure you have proper air flow through your hot tent to prevent any health concerns later on.

Fire Safety

red fire extinguisher on a gray wall

Forgive me for sounding like Captain Obvious, but if you’re going to have a fire in your tent, you’ll also need a fire extinguisher. Accidents do happen, so it’s always best to have a way to put a fire out in case of emergency. Smaller extinguishers, like Smoke Doctor’s fire suppressant, are portable and convenient for tight spaces, making them perfect for use inside a tent with a stove jack.

Keep your stove away from your tent walls and any gear that you’re storing inside the shelter. Naturally, you’ll want to sleep a fair distance from it as well. A fire mat is also a necessary addition to any camping setup when a stove is involved, as a way to catch any stray sparks when you’re loading the stove. It also acts as another layer of insulation between the hot stove and the tent floor, so your risk of getting a melted floor is greatly reduced.

Best Tent with Stove Jack Reviews

Best Overall

  • Best Use: Glamping

  • Weight: 83 Pounds

  • Peak Height: 120 Inches

  • Number of Doors: 1

With two stove jacks and a comfortable design that withstands harsh weather, we’ve found the Danchel Outdoor canvas tent to be the best overall.

Optimized for comfort, Danchel’s canvas tent is perfect for glamping with the whole family. Of course, with the massive size comes an equally massive weight – 83 pounds to be exact. If that number doesn’t scare you off, I find that the weight is well worth the top tier comfort that you’ll get for up to 6 people.

What’s really neat about this particular tent is that it doesn’t have just one stove jack, but two. So if you really want to heat the place up and do some serious cooking, you have options available to you that are rarely found in many other tents.

During the warmer months, cooking on a stove inside your tent can heat the interior up to an unbearable temperature. When that happens, just roll up the bottom quarter of the canvas to open up the space and let the breeze come flowing in. If you want to take it one step further, you can even roll back the entire front half of the canopy! You’ll still be able to stay sheltered from the sun, while getting a full view of the landscape around you.

The heavy-duty PVC groundsheet is perfect for withstanding the heat of a tent stove. After you’ve put together your cots (or bed!) and thrown some pillows and blankets into the mix, you’ll have a hard time leaving your comfy new home.


– 2 stove jacks
– Large interior space
– Ability to roll up the bottom of the tent, and the front half of the canvas
– Heavy-duty groundsheet
– Well ventilated
– Waterproofing holds up well


– It’s a cheap option, so you get what you pay for
– Windows need to be closed when it rains, which can steam up the inside pretty fast

Best Bang for Your Buck

  • Best Use: Glamping

  • Weight: 75 Pounds

  • Peak Height: 98.4 Inches

  • Number of Doors: 1

A versatile tent with a stove jack, the Glamcamp canvas tent can be pitched like normal or without the walls, giving you flexibility in how you choose to enjoy your environment.

Coming in at 75 pounds, Glamcamp’s canvas tent is another big boy that’s perfect for glamping. The capacity is maxed out at 6 people, but you’ll feel like you’re back home with the 8 foot peak height. Point being, space won’t be an issue with this shelter, even after you load it up with a bed and other amenities. There’s also a single stove jack that goes straight up to the roof, so you won’t need any elbow joints for your chimney.

There’s nothing better than a bell tent with a stove, and this shelter is nice because there’s only the center pole and the poles supporting the front entrance to worry about. If you do a little research, you’ll find that it’s actually one of the oldest methods for creating a tent. And it makes sense, when you consider how sturdy and weather resistant this yurt design is, even in pouring rain and straight line winds.

On top of that, the beauty of many yurt-style tents is the ability to function without walls. Canvas is very insulative, and when you throw a stove into the mix, it’s easy to overheat just by cooking a simple meal. If you find yourself in that position, of if it’s just a nice day that you want to enjoy, feel free to remove the walls. With this particular tent, you can even keep the floor in place without the walls, so dirt doesn’t get on your belongings.


– Separable floor
– Stove compatible
– Bell tent design
– Large and spacious
– Weather resistant


– Door entrance is a little low for taller folks
– Doesn’t always come with instructions

Editor’s Choice

  • Best Use: Glamping

  • Weight: 51 Pounds

  • Peak Height: 89 Inches

  • Number of Doors: 2

A bit smaller but still sporting a great stove jack and durability, the Whiteduck Regatta is one of my favorite tents to spend the night in, thanks to how cozy and protective it feels.

A stunning yurt tent, the Whiteduck Regatta has all the features that you’d want to find in a canvas tent – breathability, durability, and insulation. In terms of glamping, it doesn’t get much better than this, short of going to an actual resort.

It’s a 4 season tent made from 100% cotton, which has been treated to resist water and mildew. You’ll notice that the groundsheet is sewn in, and provides a substantial barrier against condensation and the cold ground below. It’s thick enough where you could probably get away without using a fire mat for your stove, but I still wouldn’t risk it.

The center pole and door frame are made from steel, providing a sufficient amount of durability for the hefty weight of the tent. You’ll find the stove jack conveniently placed on one side of the tent, in a position where you shouldn’t need an elbow joint to maneuver the chimney through the hole. Just make sure you don’t get a large stove for this particular shelter. Such an excessive amount of heat would make you miserable in a flash!


– Sewn in ground sheet
– Waterproof and fireproof (depending on which one you buy)
– Stove compatible
– Breathable
– Surprisingly easy setup
– E-port


– Though it breathes well, it could use something more to help it shed heat better

Best Nylon Hot Tent

  • Best Use: Car Camping

  • Weight: 9.2 Pounds

  • Peak Height: 94 Inches

  • Number of Doors: 2

Most hot tents are made out of canvas, but the OneTigris Rock Fortress is one of those rare tents made out of synthetic, making it easy to transport and set up.

The first “non-canvas” tent on our list, the OneTigris Rock Fortress is significantly lighter than all the other shelters. Between the nylon fabric and aluminum poles, it’s not surprising that they were able to keep the weight to 9 pounds!

All things considered, it really is a well-designed tent. From a structural perspective, I’m really impressed by the durability and waterproofing components, so withstanding a wicked storm should be no issue. Teepee shapes like this are usually good when it comes to aerodynamics, so strong winds won’t be a problem either.

It’s a very good size, especially when you take the nearly 8 foot peak height into account. Though you’ll have to stand right in the center of the tent to reap the full benefits, much of the shelter is tall enough for most people to move around without issue.

I do wish the stove jack was located somewhere else, though. As it is, you’ll have to delicately maneuver around the stove every time you enter and leave your tent, which can be a pain for big guys like me. Make sure you have a spark arrester in your stove too – it would be bad if sparks rose up through the chimney and landed on your nylon tent!


– Lightweight and portable
– Durable poles
– Holds up well in rough weather
– Great ventilation
– Easy setup


– Door placement isn’t the best
– No access to roof cap vents from inside the tent

Best All in One Tent

  • Best Use: Hunting/Ice Fishing

  • Weight: 64 Pounds

  • Peak Height: 75 Inches

  • Number of Doors: 2

A solid hot tent with features specifically designed for hunting and ice fishing, the Russian Bear tent is one of the more versatile shelters in this review.

How’s your budget feeling? If you’ve got the capacity to spend over $2,000 on a shelter, the Russian Bear hot tent won’t disappoint. On the other hand, if that sounds like it’s way out of your price range, I’d suggest you skip this review and head onto the next tent below.

Some of you will probably balk at the price tag and wonder if any tent could actually be worth that much. And generally speaking, I would agree with you, especially since you’ll have to buy the stove separately. However, given the size and durable nature of this shelter, it’s one of the few pricier options that I feel lives up to the cost.

When combined with the double layered insulation, the stove truly turns this product into a “hot tent.” It’s perfect for winter camping, or for other types of outdoor recreational activities, like hunting and fishing. In fact, there are specially designed holes in the floor that were added specifically for ice fishers to use. With a pop-up design, you can set up this 64 pound beast almost anywhere entirely by yourself for a fun solo camping excursion. It also comes with a hinged door for added convenience, and there are more than enough windows for ventilation.


– Very durable
– Double layered insulation
– Camo coloring and holes for ice fishing
– Pop-up design
– Plenty of ventilation


– Very expensive

Best Hammock Hot Tent

  • Best Use: Hammocking

  • Weight: 6.8 Pounds

  • Peak Height: 74 Inches

  • Number of Doors: 1

A unique hot tent specifically designed for hammock campers, the OneTigris TEGIMEN might not have a floor, but you don’t really need one when using it for its intended purpose.

Want to be the envy of everyone at the campsite? All you need is a hammock, a stove, and the OneTigris TEGIMEN hammock hot tent to live like a king during your weekend camping trip.

It’s worth noting that, while this tent was designed for use with a hammock, you can use cots in here too. There isn’t a floor, so I’m not sure I would recommend sleeping on the ground with your sleeping bag, but I suppose you could do it as a way to test out some cowboy camping. A hammock or a couple of cots is definitely the way that I would recommend doing things, though.

Since this is a hot tent, you can feel pretty comfortable hammocking without a sleeping bag or underquilt to keep you warm at night. With a stove jack in the roof and one in the side wall, you can pick which opening is better suited to the stove that you own. Each jack can be completely sealed off from the outside world, making them waterproof and draft free, just like the rest of the tent.


– Great for hammocking
– Two stove jacks
– Lightweight
– Spacious interior
– Block water and wind very well


– Floorless
– Difficult to put the tent back in the bag

Best Tent with Power Inlet

  • Best Use: Glamping

  • Weight: 42.4 Pounds

  • Peak Height: 98.5 Inches

  • Number of Doors: 1

The Playdo canvas bell tent is similar to many of the others, but it stands out in a few unique ways, such as the built-in power inlet that lets you wire in electricity from a generator outside.

The Playdo 4 season canvas tent is pretty similar to many of the other canvas tents we’ve included in this review. Heavy duty and waterproof, it’s an ideal shelter to have protecting you in bad weather. And considering how breathable it is, the summertime sun won’t steam you too much either.

However, if the heat does start to become too intense, it’s possible to roll up the side walls so a breeze can flow in. I’d recommend doing this while you’re cooking on your stove, especially during the summer. In the wintertime, though, the insulation from the canvas will make sure most of that stove heat stays trapped inside the tent.

For a canvas tent of this size, it’s also fairly lightweight. That makes it easier for one person to set it up alone – a feat that can be accomplished in about 20 minutes, once you know what you’re doing. It’s easy and fast to take back down again too, and everything can be shoved inside the oversized carry bag without too much hassle.


– The walls can be rolled up
– Fairly lightweight, for a canvas tent
– One person can set it up
– Easy to stow away again
– Heavy duty and waterproof


– Zippers are a little irritating

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What is the Best Material for a Tent with a Stove Jack?

Canvas is the undisputed king, when you’re looking for a tent with a stove jack. It’s durable, insulative, waterproof, and most importantly, it won’t melt when exposed to the heat from your stove.

Absolutely. However, it’s important to make sure that your tent has a stove jack, and that you are capable of creating a cross breeze inside the tent. Without proper ventilation, carbon monoxide may accumulate, posing serious health problems. Always have a portable fire extinguisher on hand as well, just in case some sparks from the stove start your gear on fire.

Final Thoughts

Hot tent camping is luxury at its finest. But in order to pull off this feat, you’ll need to find yourself the best tent with a stove jack, so that the smoke from your fire will be able to escape. With the amount of heat you’ll be generating, we also recommend going with a canvas tent. They’re far more resistant to high temperatures, making them less likely to melt or start on fire.

Danchel’s outdoor canvas tent will give you the best bang for your buck, in our opinion. It’s quite heavy, but you’ll find that the sheer amount of comfort it provides is well worth the high weight. And with two stove jacks, you’ll be able to incorporate double the warmth and double the cooking space into your shelter.

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