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If you’re in a rush and want to find out what the best double camping cots are, we recommend the Outsunny 2 Person Cot.

The ground can be hard and unforgiving, so a night in the tent can feel like you’re sleeping on a bed of rocks. Because…well…you are.

Double camping cots are a great way for you and your partner to lift yourselves a few inches off the ground, away from the cold and discomfort. To add a hint of glamping to your next outdoor adventure, we’ve reviewed some of the best double camping cots out there.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the following double camping cots:


If you’re looking at 2 person cots, size is going to be a major factor to keep in mind. Naturally you need it to be big enough to fit you and your partner (or your kids, if that’s why you’re looking to get one), but how much space do you actually want to have?

See, when manufacturers design outdoor products like these, they’re taking into account multiple components. The cot needs to be big enough to contain 2 people, but small enough to remain portable and lightweight. Just like how many 2 person tents are more suitable for a single person and their pack, 2 person cots tend to be a bit narrower than what most people would like.

One solution to this is by getting a double camping cot in the form of a bunk bed, like in the picture above. That particular product was designed for children, but there are some out there that are suitable for adults as well. By stacking the cots on top of each other, you can maintain that standard width of a regular cot, while still being able to sleep close to each other.

Naturally, the biggest downside to a bunk bed style camping cot is the fact that you can’t actually sleep together, which is a big reason why folks opt for a 2 person cot in the first place. It ultimately comes down to what you’re looking for, and we’ll make sure to list both types of options in the review below.


Camping cots aren’t something that most people carry with them for long distances anyway. They don’t exactly fit in your backpack, the material is heavy, and they can be pretty awkward to try and walk with – and that’s just for the single cots! Double it up, and you’ve got yourself an impossible mission staring you down, if it ever crossed your mind to carry it for more than a quarter mile.

But that’s not to say that you can’t do yourself a favor by picking out one of the lighter options on the market. Why lug around 60 pounds of camping cot when the 45 pound option is just as nice? Regardless of how far you have to carry it before reaching your campsite, every pound counts, and you’ll be patting yourself on a less achy back if you pick the lighter cot.

Cushion and Comfort

canvas tent on a grass lawn with a bed inside

We all know that sleeping on the ground isn’t very pleasant, so if you’re looking into double camping cots, you’re probably someone who values comfort. And at the end of the day, any cot is going to feel nicer than tossing a sleeping bag on your tent floor and calling it good. However, some 2 person cots are a little fancier than others.

For example, while many cots provide nothing more than a thin rectangle of material for you to sleep on, others come with their own mattress. Of course, these tend to be more expensive, but they do allow you to feel more like you’re in a real bed. If you want to create your own glamping experience without paying a resort for it, I highly recommend going for this option.

Don’t feel like you have to go for the cot that comes with its own mattress, though. Most 2 person camping cots are at least full size, if not queen size, so you can bring your own inflatable mattress if you have one.


It’s always nice to have storage options built into your sleeping arrangement. Some sleeping bags have hidden pockets for you to stash your phone or wallet, and nearly every tent has mesh sewn into the corners or roof for a similar purpose. When you’re in a cot, though, having your belongings even closer is nice if you need to set an alarm on your phone or keep some snacks close by.

Some cots have pouches that hang along the side of the bed, so it’s out of your way but still off the ground. Others have nothing at all, so you’ll have to make use of what’s already built into the tent or be okay leaving your stuff on the ground.

Best Double Camping Cot Reviews

Coleman Double Camping Cot

Coleman is a well known and loved brand that’s been making outdoor gear for decades. So as you might expect, their double camping cot certainly lives up to expectations…in fact, it might even exceed them! But first, let’s take a look at some of the downsides.

To start, this double camping cot is a bit smaller than a queen bed, though it’s marketed as that size. Don’t worry though, it’s still big enough to sleep 2 people, especially if you and your partner don’t mind lying close to each other. On top of that, the frame creaks a little bit when you shift your weight or roll over, but this is a pretty common issue among camping cots.

All that said, the frame is very sturdy and durable, despite only weighing about 23 pounds. The cot does come with it’s own air mattress for added comfort, which fits inside a zippered sheet attached to the cot itself. If you don’t feel like using the mattress, you certainly don’t have to, though it isn’t possible to remove the zippered sheet. There’s also plenty of storage space underneath the cot for a suitcase, backpack, or something of a similar size.


– Well made cot
– Comes with it’s own air mattress
– Zippered sheet is attached to the cot to keep the mattress from sliding around
– Storage space underneath the cot
– Side tables are great for even more storage or for holding a beverage


– A bit smaller than a queen bed
– Can be a bit creaky

Disco Extra Large Bunk Cots

A bunk bed setup that’s big enough for adults, the Disco extra large bunk cots are a great, versatile tool for any couple to have. If you’ve got extra headroom, sleeping on top of each other like this is an easy way to save space across the rest of the tent floor. On the other hand, if you don’t feel like sticking with the bunk setup for whatever reason, they can easily be dismantled to become two individual camping cots. And the best part about all of this is that a single person can easily put everything together and take it apart without needing to use any tools.

Each cot has a weight capacity of 500 pounds, and the polyester fabric is fairly comfortable to sleep on. Obviously it’s no orthopedic mattress, but it does the job well for a portable 2 person camping cot, especially since there’s no mid-bar in the sleeping deck. These bars are put down the middle of the cot frame for additional support, but they tend to be pretty uncomfortable if you find yourself rolling onto one.


– Versatile design
– Can be either a bunk bed or two individual cots
– Full size and wider than most cots
– 500 pound weight limit
– Comfortable sleeping space


– Couples can’t sleep together
– Pretty heavy, at 62 pounds

Outsunny 2 Person Cot

A true “all in one” design, this 2 person cot by Outsunny gives you everything you could want in a portable bed. The metal frame is sturdy and durable, giving you a secure place to sleep at night, and the inflatable air mattress is a nice addition to the package. A foot pump does come included with the cot, but it takes a long time to inflate the mattress if you’re using it. For faster assembly, I would recommend getting an electric blower, otherwise the foot pump works fine if you don’t mind the extra time it takes to fill the mattress with air.

Straps on the side keep the mattress from sliding around when in use. If you don’t feel like using the mattress, or would rather switch it out with something else, it’s easy to remove so you can store it or sleep on it without the frame. Pillows and pillow cases come included with this double camping cot as well, so aside from a few sheets or your sleeping bags, there shouldn’t be anything else that you need to have a comfortable night.


– Easy setup
– Straps keep the mattress from sliding around
– Inflatable mattress included, with foot pump
– Comes with pillows
– Sturdy metal frame


– Quite heavy
– Not many storage options

KingCamp Double Camping Cot

Designed with a sturdy steel frame and a waterproof sleeping area, KingCamp’s double camping cot is certainly functional. It won’t be as comfortable as the cots by Coleman and Outsunny, simply because it doesn’t come with it’s own mattress, but it is far better to sleep on than the ground. At the very least, it will allow you to add your own sleeping pad or air mattress if you’d like a bit more cushion.

The frame is capable of holding up to 550 pounds, which isn’t too bad for a 2 person cot. Unfortunately, there is a mid-bar for added support (which is a good thing), and it clearly separates the left and right side of the cot. I say it’s unfortunate because of how far it sticks up into the cot, as it would be uncomfortable to find yourself lying on top of it. The space next to it makes for a comfortable sleeping arrangement on either side, but couples won’t really have the opportunity to snuggle with each other in bed. However, a great way to work around this is by placing a mattress topper on it before going to sleep – with that addition, you won’t really be able to feel the mid-bar at all.


– Can hold up to 550 pounds
– Comfortable material
– Easy to transport and set up
– Stable, no matter the terrain
– Large pocket allows for some storage


– Tall mid-bar
– If condensation falls on the cot, it will pool, not absorb

Invation Queen Air Mattress

Is it an air mattress or is it a 2 person cot? The Invation queen air mattress brings together the best of both worlds by putting an inflatable mattress on legs, and it’s even got a few special tricks up its sleeves.

When packed away, this double camping cot actually takes the shape of a duffle bag on wheels, so you can easily transport it wherever you need to go. Pretty spiffy, right? And when you’re ready to inflate it, you don’t even need to bother with the frame, because that will automatically put itself together while you inflate the mattress. These facts alone were enough to blow my mind when I saw that they actually worked.

There are 48 coils built into the air mattress, and you can easily adjust how firm you want it to be by adding or taking out air. Once you’ve found your perfect firmness, the secondary pump will automatically keep it right where you want it, without a whisper of noise in the process.


– Automatically sets itself up when inflating
– Packs down to a duffle on wheels
– Mattress coils provide extra support and comfort
– Secondary pump keeps the air pressure where you want it
– 450 pound weight capacity


– In the wild, portability is difficult
– The seams are occasionally known to tear

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Is a Camping Cot Worth It?

Camping cots can be worth it, depending on the type of camping you’re doing. If you’re backpacking or moving from site to site on a regular basis, a camping cot will be too heavy and cumbersome to take with you. However, if you’re car camping in one place for a few nights, cots are very nice to have, helping you sleep better and more comfortably.

If weight and bulk isn’t a concern for you, a double camping cot is better than a twin-size cot. Not only do you get more room to spread out on, but you can also share a bed with your significant other on a romantic camping trip.

Double Camping Cot: Final Verdict

Having a soft place for you and your partner to lie down on at the end of the day can be a life saver. Especially if you have a bad back or knees, or some other type of injury, getting your bed off the ground can make your camping experience significantly better.

For me, the thought process behind picking the best double camping cot comes down to intent. If you want a 2 person cot, chances are you want to enjoy spending the night in the same bed as someone else. To meet this need, I thought that the Outsunny 2 person cot really did it well, giving you and your partner a comfortable bed to share for the night. The mattress is comfortable, and you won’t feel that annoying mid-bar as much as you might in some of the other options. Aside from being relatively heavy, it’s difficult to find anything to complain about with this product.

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