Best Rectangular Sleeping Bags for Cozy Camping

If you’re in a rush and want to find out what the best rectangular sleeping bag is, we recommend the NEMO Jazz 30 Sleeping Bag.


Aside from finding the right tent, few things are more important than figuring out what kind of sleeping bag to use. Not only is it a much needed source of warmth, but it also acts as one of the few creature comforts you’ll have in the great outdoors. The best rectangular sleeping bags are what will most closely imitate your bed back home, making a soft and spacious place for you to rest during the night.

Sleeping Bags At A Glance

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Important Features

Rectangular vs Mummy

man holding a jon and hop sleeping bag in his hands

When it comes to choosing the proper sleeping bag, there are a number of factors to consider. What’s the material? How good is the insulation? Does it pack down well? These are all important, and should be given a great deal of thought. However, there is one factor that many people don’t consider as much.


It might feel like an insignificant feature that can be easily overlooked… But after you’ve spent a few nights in your tent, you’ll wish you would’ve put more thought into it. Sleeping bags can generally be broken down into 2 categories: rectangular and mummy.  Within the category of rectangular sleeping bags, you’ll also find semi rectangular sleeping bags as well, though we won’t be discussing those here.

Rectangular bags have a shape that stays true to their name, and are good for giving you a lot of room and comfort as your sleep. Mummy bags can also be comfortable, but since they’re designed to wrap close to your body, it’s difficult to stretch out when you’re inside. 

It’s important to know the pros and cons of each of these styles before purchasing, so you know what will be best suited for your needs. For example, rectangular sleeping bags are larger and bulkier (and therefore more comfortable) than mummy bags. Because of this, they don’t tend to fit well in small tents, and can be difficult to carry on long journeys, though there are some lightweight rectangular sleeping bags out there. However, because of their large size and insulation, they’re perfect for car camping. 

Mummy bags, on the other hand, are made for backpackers and people with small tents. They’re easy to compress, which means they take up less space when placed in a backpack. They also don’t take up much space inside the tent either, which makes them the ideal bag for backpackers to use.

Temperature Rating

two sleeping bags in a tent

One of the primary reasons why you have a sleeping bag in the first place is to keep you warm. If your current option can’t even do that much, it’s probably time to invest in something more suited to your needs, or perhaps you should consider getting a sleeping bag liner

Pay attention to the temperature ratings on each bag, too, as these indicate the lowest temperature you can use it in and still feel comfortable. And when they say “comfortable,” it usually means that you’ll still be cold, but it won’t be unbearably freezing. If you plan on camping in any season other than summer, it’s always good to be prepared for chilly nights by getting a sleeping bag with a good temperature rating. It never hurts to get a quality sleeping bag liner to help with the cold as well.

Stuff Sack

While not as important to think about when it comes to sleeping bag functionality, the stuff sack (or compression sack) is still a necessary feature. First of all, it’s nice to have one because it makes it easier to transport your sleeping bag. However, many bags are difficult to get back into a stuff sack, so it can be an exercise in frustration depending on how tight of a fit it is. While it isn’t possible to completely get rid of this problem, some are designed better than others. 

Insulation Type

Keep an eye out for the type of insulation that the sleeping bag has as well. Ultimately, you only have two choices here: down and synthetic.

A synthetic sleeping bag is just what it sounds like, usually made from polyester or some other man-made material. It’s definitely the heavier option, and it’s inferior to down when it comes to overall insulation ability; however, it’s far more inexpensive and it will still keep you warm, even when it’s wet.

Rectangular down sleeping bags, on the other hand, are the clear winner when it comes to warmth retention. The down is usually made from duck or goose feathers, which do a splendid job of trapping heat. If you plan on camping in extreme cold weather conditions, you honestly shouldn’t be looking at any options other than down. It’s also very lightweight, which makes it the perfect fill for backpacking sleeping bags. On the other hand, it’s more expensive (for good reason), and it loses its insulation ability when wet.

Looking at them both from a big picture perspective, though, down is always going to be the superior insulation, and it’s what I typically recommend people go with. That is, unless you’re searching for a budget sleeping bag, in which case you’ll want to opt for a synthetic sleeping bag instead.

Sleeping Pads

black sleeping bag on a blue sleeping pad

Though it has nothing to do with the sleeping bag itself, a sleeping pad is a necessary addition to your camping checklist. Whether you’re car camping or backpacking, a pad will provide some much-needed cushion and insulation between you and the ground, since most sleeping bags won’t be sufficient on their own.

Closed cell foam pads are thin and lightweight, which make them perfect for backpackers. However, they still don’t provide as much protection as a foam sleeping mat will, so why not upgrade? Since rectangular sleeping bags are meant for car camping anyway, a little extra weight won’t be too big of a problem for you.

Rectangular Sleeping Bag Comparison Table

Sleeping Bags Comparison
Sleeping BagsWeight (lbs)Temperature RatingMaterialInsulation
Revalcamp Sleeping Bag1.8540°FPolyesterSynthetic
Coleman Big and Tall Sleeping Bag910°FFlannelSynthetic
Coleman Brazos Sleeping Bag530°FPolyesterSynthetic
REI Co-op HunkerDown 20 Sleeping Bag3.7520°FPolyesterDown
Coleman Sun Ridge Sleeping Bag5.540°FPolyesterSynthetic
NEMO Jazz 30 Sleeping Bag630°FPolyesterSynthetic
Coleman Kompact 20 Rectangle Sleeping Bag5.7520°FPolyesterSynthetic

Top Rectangular Sleeping Bags – Reviewed

Revalcamp Sleeping Bag

REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag Indoor & Outdoor Use. Great for Kids, Boys, Girls, Teens & Adults. Ultralight and Compact Bags are Perfect for Hiking, Backpacking & Camping

Weight: 1.85 Pounds

Insulation: Synthetic

Temperature Rating: 40°F

Material: Polyester

Probably most well known for their wide variety of colors (you can choose between at least 12 different shades of the same tent), Revalcamp’s sleeping bags have more to offer than just customization. Though I would say this product is geared more towards children and recreational purposes (as opposed to serious camping), that’s not to say that it doesn’t work well as a fair weather sleeping bag. It’s rated for temperatures 40 and above, so on exceptionally chilly nights, you might get a little cold. But for summer, late spring, and early fall, this bag is quite comfortable and spacious. 

For people who would like to sleep together, this sleeping bag can be unzipped and then rezipped together, to make a double sleeping bag. Very tall folks might be out of luck, but if you’re 6’1″ or shorter, you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting inside.

Considering how spacious the bag is, it’s a little surprising to say that it’s the most lightweight sleeping bag in our list. At just under 2 pounds, it rivals a mummy sleeping bag in terms of weight. But, I suppose a lot of that boils down to the comparative lack of insulation that you’ll find inside. For the price and the weight, though, I’d still say it’s one of the better options out there for casual campers. But if you’re a bit more extreme in your camping endeavors, keep reading, because I think you’ll like some of the other products that found their way into this review.

Reasons For

Color customization


UV protection

100% money back guarantee

Reasons Against

Not suitable for very cold temperatures

Tends to get lumpy after washing

Coleman Big and Tall Sleeping Bag

Coleman Heritage Big & Tall Cold-Weather Sleeping Bag, 10°F Camping Sleeping Bag for Adults, Comfortable & Warm Flannel Sleeping Bag for Camping and Outdoor Use, Fits Adults up to 6ft 7in Tall

Weight: 9 Pounds

Insulation: Synthetic

Temperature Rating: 10°F

Material: Flannel

Coleman is well known for being a camper’s best friend, providing quality gear that will last you for awhile. And on top of that, they manage to do it while keeping prices in a reasonable range for people looking for a budget sleeping bag. With its heat locking flannel liner, staying warm won’t be an issue in this big and tall sleeping bag, even in temperatures that drop below freezing. And because it’s a flannel sleeping bag, it’s softer and more cozy than your typical synthetic liner.

Also, this sleeping bag isn’t called “big and tall” for nothing. At 7 feet long, and over 3 feet wide, this bag can accommodate people who are 6’7” and under and still have room to spare. And if you don’t like it when the insulation in your bag gets lumpy, this product has fiber lock technology, which prevents it from bunching up uncomfortably. 

You’ll also like to know that the zippers are actually pretty good on this sleeping bag too (which can be a rare thing). Even better, it rolls up really easily, and you don’t have to shove it into a tiny bag. Just use the attached cords to secure it in place, and you’re good to go.

Reasons For

Very large

Easy to roll up

Soft, but not “too” soft

Machine washable

Reasons Against

No carry bag

Coleman Brazos Sleeping Bag

Weight: 5 Pounds

Insulation: Synthetic

Temperature Rating: 30°F

Material: Polyester

Spacious and warm, the Coleman Brazos is a great all around sleeping bag. While not “exceptional” in every area, it’s hard to find anything to complain about. Rated for 20 degrees and up, this bag will keep you cozy in every temperature short of bitter winter nights. To prevent heat loss, there’s a draft tube along the zipper that helps keep body heat trapped inside the bag. 

Everything is made out of polyester, with the insulation being “hollow” poly, to decrease weight and maximize warmth. Out of all the sleeping bags in this review, this is probably the only one that I would even consider taking with me on a backpacking trip, due to how light and warm the material is.

The downside is how short it is. It might be suitable as a women’s sleeping bag, or something for a child, but if you’re taller than 5’6″, good luck fitting inside. On the bright side, it can be unzipped on three side, transforming it into a camp blanket. It might not be the same as sleeping in a bag, but for taller folks, the blanket is a workable option as well.

Reasons For

Good in temperatures down to 20 degrees

Draft tube to prevent body heat from escaping

Hollow polyester insulation

Fiberlock prevents insulation from shifting

Can be fully opened to use as a comforter

Reasons Against

Material is a little scratchy on sensitive skin

REI Co-op HunkerDown 20 Sleeping Bag

Weight: 3.75 Pounds

Insulation: Down

Temperature Rating: 20°F

Material: Polyester

Most people recognize the REI Co-op as an outfitter for all things outdoors, but what they often forget is that they also make their own products. And let me tell you, those items rarely disappoint.

The HunkerDown 20 is one such product, offering powerful insulative properties without compromising on weight. In fact, this lightweight sleeping bag can rival many mummy options out there – something of a rarity in the sleeping bag world. The down insulation certainly helps with both the weight reduction, and the superior insulation, and you might be happy to learn that all the ducks and geese were treated in accordance with leading animal welfare standards. On top of that, all of the other materials used to make this sleeping bag are recycled, so it’s about as eco-friendly as you can get.

REI also went above and beyond by adding a hood to this down bag. It’s a feature that you normally find on mummy bags (and only mummy bags), but it very useful for housing a pillow overnight. The hood helps trap heat as well, so you can stay warm and cozy, even as temperatures drop to 20 degrees.

Reasons For

Comes with a hood

Made from recycled materials

Warm and comfortable

Follows animal welfare standards


Pretty lightweight

Reasons Against

Somewhat bulky

Coleman Sun Ridge Sleeping Bag

Coleman Sun Ridge Cool-Weather Sleeping Bag 40°F Lightweight for Adults, Camping Sleeping Bag with Easy Packing and Draft Tube to Prevent Heat from Escaping

Weight: 5.5 Pounds

Insulation: Synthetic

Temperature Rating: 40°F

Material: Polyester

This sleeping bag is for all you shorter folks out there who just need a little something more to keep you snug at night. This bag is not for winter camping or for super cold temperatures, as it’s only rated to go down to about 40 degrees. However, what it might lack in terms of extreme weather insulation, it makes up for in other features. 

Around the rim of the bag where your head will be, there’s something called the “comfort cuff,” which is exactly what it sounds like. The addition of plush material around your face adds another layer of softness and support for a better night’s sleep. There is also a roll control feature, which locks the edges of the bag in place to make it easier to roll up when you’re ready to move out. When it comes to packing up, my least favorite part has always been putting my sleeping bag away. After you do it enough times, it gets easier, but I definitely wish I knew about roll control earlier.

Reasons For

Comfort cuff for added cushion around your face

Roll control


Machine washable

Reasons Against

The material of the inner lining is irritating for some

Lacks the durability needed for extended use

NEMO Jazz 30 Sleeping Bag

Weight: 6 Pounds

Insulation: Synthetic

Temperature Rating: 30°F

Material: Polyester

How could you possibly resist a name like “Jazz,” when it comes to a sleeping bag? And since it’s coming from NEMO, you know it’s going to be good. I mean, how many sleeping bags have you found that actually come with their own bed sheets?

The Jazz is fairly one-of-a-kind in that regard, as Nemo attempted to include all of the comforts from home in their product. It’s an incredibly cozy setup that will make it difficult to wake up in the morning, especially if it happens to be chilly outside. The temperature rating is set at 30 degrees, so most of you will stay toasty during the night, unless you want to embark on a winter camping trip. In that case, you’d likely need to add a liner and perhaps a pair of long johns into the equation.

It comes with a draft collar and hood, so you can keep more heat inside while giving your pillow a secure place to rest during the night. The shell fabric also resists water, in case you’ve got some condensation dripping on your during the night. In my opinion, this is the best option out there for camping comfort, short of purchasing a cot or a mattress as well.

Reasons For

Extremely comfortable

Comes with removable bed sheets

Good temperature rating

Comes with draft collar and hood

Oversized carry bag make storage easy

Reasons Against

The footbox does get quite warm

Coleman Kompact 20 Rectangle Sleeping Bag

Weight: 5.75 Pounds

Insulation: Synthetic

Temperature Rating: 20°F

Material: Polyester

We’ve seen Coleman pop up quite a bit in this review, but I have to say, the Kompact 20 seems to be their highest performer yet. It’s an impressive and (surprisingly?) sleek design that’s had a lot of technology packed into it, to provide the maximum amount of comfort and insulation. And in typical Coleman fashion, you can get it all for under $100.

Overall, it’s got all the bells and whistles you’d hope to find in any decent sleeping bag. Zippers that don’t snag, a compact design that traps heat, a comfortable cuff that wraps around your face, and several other things. It’s even light enough where you could probably backpack with it, despite the synthetic insulation, though you might get frustrated by how difficult it is to get it back in the stuff sack.

It’s also worth noting that it runs a little small. So, if you’re a large adult like me, it might feel like you’re sleeping in a mummy bag instead of a rectangular one. Children and smaller adults won’t have too much issue, though.

Reasons For

Reasonable price

Good insulation

Sleek design

Snag free zippers


Reasons Against

A little small

Hard to pack back up again

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Final Thoughts

The right sleeping bag should do more than just keep you warm…it should be comfortable and easy to pack away too. While most rectangular sleeping bags are known for being spacious and comfy, sometimes they lack the heat retention that you need at night. We like the NEMO Jazz sleeping bag the best because it fulfills all of these things better than many other bags that we’ve encountered.

Not only is it rated for temperatures down to 30 degrees (which is already impressive for this type of bag), but it’s also very large and comfortable. The draft tube is a handy feature that makes sure your own heat stays close to you, and the included bed sheets add a touch of home to your outdoor experience. It’s a tad heavy, but it’s a small price to pay for the amount of luxury you’ll get out of this sleeping bag.

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